Center for Hands-On Learning
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation
Founded and run by teachers since 1994

Fed up with searching for kits that...

  • teach real content, not just process?
  • contain everything you need?
  • arrive ready to go?
  • are fun for teachers & students?

Our kits do all this!

~Kits are available now for purchase online from the Center for Hands-On Learning.
a non-profit corporation founded by teachers in 1994.
Examine plants and animals to determine functions of structures such as teeth and beaks. These structures are related to an organisms ability to adapt to different environments, and habitats
Part of our Journey into Science line

K-5 Curriculum featuring kits in Physical, Life, Earth/Space, and Health Science

Energy 2040 kits are a multi-disciplinary, honest & unbiased encompassing Science, Math, Language Arts & Social Studies
Science, Math, Language Arts & Social Studies

Multi-disciplinary middle school kit on energy issues

Common Core Standards curriculum tools.
K-12, multi grade, & single grade posters; and BIG BOOKS

State-specific tools to help with implementation

Students explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases as they develop an understanding of the properties of each state of matter. Three take home mini-books provide additional reinforcement

Easily involve parents in math and science education

About the Center for Hands-On Learning

The Center for Hands-On Learning is a non-profit (501�3) corporation founded in 1991 by a group of teachers in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. From our start in the back of a classroom to our current 15,000 square foot warehouse, our mission has always been the same � support learning by helping teachers get what they need.

We began making kits to use in our district�s elementary classrooms. All of us knew that science had to be �hands-on� but buying all the additional materials to do that, even when we had purchased "kits", was getting to be too expensive. That�s why we built our own kits that really did have everything in them. Need ice cubes? Ice cube trays in the kit. Need paper towels? In the kit. Need something copied? 30 copies are in the kit.

Our simple idea of giving teachers what they really need and experiments that really work packed in RubberMaid™ bins that never fall apart took off and now we have customers all over the world.

Center for Hands-On Learning
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation
Founded and run by teachers since 1994